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TDAWG Diet ?????

Just starting the TDAWG diet. Noticed that at the beginning it says "eat ,6 to .8 g of protein per lb bodyweight and when I am calculating my calories (bgodyweightXslow metabolism) it doesn’t say if I should use my lean body weight or current body weight. Anyone know which I should use. The difference, for me, is about 1000 cal/day. Thanks for the help!

I’m not sure the best place to look for this, but Chris Shugart outlined a T-Dawg diet modification that called for about 1g/lb LBM of protein. I’ve been using that and it works great. Also, your calorie consumption wouldn’t be affected by what calculation you use. It just determines how calories are coming from fat rather than protein.

Good Luck!

I’m pretty sure you use your bodyweight and not your lean bodyweight.