TC's Tsunami Tale

Is true.

Read the Snopes write-up on the deer tongue. Made a lot of sense - the story was probably embellished. It was unlikely that the woman “forgot” it was there, but when she couldn’t get it out herself, she went to the OB-GYN and had to make up a story to be less embarassed.

Keep 'em coming, TC.

I believe the mega-tsunamia is true and hope it happens agian soon. Maybe las vegas will become ocean front property.

I think I rember mega-tsunamis from the discovery channel. . .

That is true and I also remember hearing about that on the Discovery Channel.

The Big Island of Hawaii is preparing to send one in the direction of the West Coast too.


I concur . True story . Who’s out there waiting to surf the big one ? :wink:

I’ll be in the line up!

Its true.
Here is a nice little read predicting the occurance.

I’ll be waiting on my porch in my john boat just in case.

I might have to take a little road trip and get in on that. It would be worth it to ride a several thousand foot high wave to your certain, horrific demise. Gnarly!!