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TC's COMING!!!!!!!!


Hey all, Just opened my email and found one awaiting me that I had not expected. Twas a pleasant surprise for a Christmas eve. It was a short message. Simple, yet well written. Blunt and to the point. Elequent in its directness. It said; "I'm Coming"

LOL OK I may be getting a bit over dramatic here but hell Im excited. I got an Email in the account I set up for the DC Test Fest. http://www.T-Nation.com/readTopic.do?id=804289 from TC himself. Apparently we have made enough waves to bring the Dog out of his T-Cave.

Yet another reason for any of you all who have yet to sing up to bring IT. Just the sheer Volumes of people to meet presentations aside demands an appearance. Then add on the info., schwag, good times, and Now THIS. Hell You cant afford Not to come.

Not sure what else. Happy Holidays all,


You LIE!

Do we still get our escorts for the evening or does TC get them all now?

Maybe he doesn't like Japanese women...


This. Is. Fan. Freakin'. Tastic.

I can't wait.



WOW!!! The legend himself...


I have 10,000 questions. I will be coming now!


Maybe. But boy do we ever LOVE him!


Dave I think you may be wrong, not 100% but from waht I gather from reading A-dogs, post etc. Seems to me the following words dont belong in the same sentence be with any nationality added in.

Thats just the impression I get.

So Sabrina I wouldnt sweat it. Thats just Dave talking in some weird Poptart induced state. LOL


Its ok Dave, I will still be there for ya!


Escorts? Escorts? Phil didn't say anything about escorts.

He just said I'd get some snacks and maybe some valuable coupons.

Escorts is better, though.



Do you play for Schalke?

I have a friend from Leipzig who used to play for Schalke.


As always, thanks Sabrina.

That's nice to hear.


starts twitching
head explodes, ala Scanners

At this point, I think it would be easier to list who is NOT coming.


Oh man, I think I may have to knock off a bank! This is just sounding SWEET!


you know... i've heard many a women screaming this very subject line. But usually doesn't have to do with attendance.

People better pick up your damn tickets!


No Sir. I am only a supporter of S-04. The team has a very big number of fans from the great history it possesses. I am stunned you have responded to my message and was not aware that you know about European soccer.

I am a new student to your industry and have much to learn. Thank you.


I was curious about this too since I am trying to get World Cup tickets for the U.S. vs. Czech Republic in Schalke's hometown of Gelsenkirchen.


Just curious TC, why are you logged in as TC now instead of Atomic Dog? Have you dropped the Atomic Dog handle?


Tony filed a Law Suit claiming illegal use of his image for commercial purposes without consent.

My understanding is that it looks like the judge is leaning in Tony's favor.



Who's Tony? Not TC's dog, I assume, because he still uses his image. However, TC has always responded as Atomic Dog, not TC. I ask because we have had a few instances of cloning identities here and I would not be surprised if someone cloned as TC would send Phil that e-mail and then post here. Hopefully, the mods would catch it. There has been an awful lot of trolling here lately.

But I am still curious.


Clarity, I guess. Sometimes, new readers would get a response from Atomic Dog and not realize it was from me.