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TC's Cable Curls (Hamstrings)

Has anyone tried TC’s hamstring cable curls? In the article he says “Remember to do the movement at a slight angle to the weight stack; otherwise, the cable will hit your kneecap when you curl it back!”. Well in the gym I go to the pulley that the cable goes through rotates left and right so I cannot figure out any way to do them without the cable hiting my kneecap. What am I doing wrong?

It sounds like you’re moving your body to line your leg up with the pulley. This is exactly what TC -doesn’t- want you to do.

  • stand facing the machine, ankle attached. Your knee is currently lined up for a collision.

  • now angle your body to the machine(15 degrees I guess), but DON’T shuffle to the side, simply turn your whole body.

Now when you curl, the cable will go to one side of your knee, rather than hitting it.

I hope this helps.