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TC's Atomic Dog

I think TC defended Testosterone very well with his piece on Mentzer. The guy was a dick, but he was a human being. He’s dead now, and thats too bad. It sucks that he wrote some fucked up stuff on his site and then died, only to leave it there, I guess till his site expires. But for those who are coming to Testosterone for the first time from seeing the mentzer thing, TC’s Atomic dog will be the first thing they see, and it will all be smoothed out.

Oh, and the pic of TC looks like Bill Walton- the basketball guy, with terminator shades on. Tim Patterson looks like the T-2000.

I have no doubt that Tim’s wife is pretty, because Tim is a very handsome man. I mean, he’s not as handsome as MY husband, but I might be a little biased.

ironbabe: Tim MAY just agree to watch you do a set or two of standing leg curls after that comment! (Were you the one that HATED guys who stared at your butt while you did those, or do I have the wrong “Vixen”? smile! :)—!!!)

Nah, I’m quite sure he enjoys watching his own woman do those standing ham curls. BTW - I really don’t care if men watch, just as long as it’s not so dang obvious that I have a hard time finishing my workout. Next time I think I’m just gonna turn around and say “Was my form ok?”

Hey, “The Edge,” I was at dinner with some friends last night, and I told them that someone on the forum thought I looked like Bill Walton.

They not only agreed that since Walton is the ugliest mofo on the planet, them’s not only fighting words, them’s killin’ words!

So, how do you want it?

LOL. TC, maybe it’s just the picture. Hey, don’t let anyone else know about the Bill Walton thing. I don’t know if you saw Game 3 of the Philly/ LA series, but during halftime, there was a game of “Weakest Link” between walton and a few other announcers. One of the questions asked to him was “During the 1989 World Series, what stadium in the Bay Area had to be evacuated due to an earthquake?” You…um…Bill Answered “Yankee Stadium” LOL. TC, I couldn’t battle you, you’d beat me easily as I’d be laughing about that answer.

just out of curiousity, how tall is Tim Patterson?