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TC's Atomic Dog

No real need for anyone to respond to this unless they want to. Just wanted to throw some quick props to TC for his column this week. I don’t that he’s ever hit the nail right on the fucking head so many times in a single article. I’m particularly referring to his points on getting married too soon and having the balls to do what you truly love doing for a living. I’m one of those guys that almost got married at too early an age because I was so sick and tired of dating psychotic girls with airport’s worth of baggage and issues becasue I figured that this was going to be as good as it gets. I’m also currently working on a Master’s degree in something that I’m not even sure if I’ll like but will ensure that I make a shitload of money. Anyway, I just wanted to point out that he makes some excellent points that 90% of us men should truly sit down and ponder.

It was ok I guess … NAH - THAT REALLY WAS “THE BUSINESS”. What a rollercoaster ride … re marriage - what a quoteable paragraph about it being hard enough for one person to grow up. That was more nail gun that hammer and nail cause I know from past relationships I tend to dig my heals in and get stuck but really learn through the harder times incl the girls with baggage. Id hate to make anyone uncomfortable with my raving about these past atomic dogs but the TC is the font of wisdom at the moment and is 100% in the groove from where I sit.

That was the best Atomic Dog ever. It defintly struck a chord in me. The last year of my life
has been totally up in the air as i took the road less travelled. I have to agree with the part about twoo people growing up at the same time. I broke up with my girlfriend after 8 years. She was my highschool sweetheart but i couldnt get the idea out of my head that i was
going to be chauffer and bank for her instead of her man.The part about taking the kids to soccer is true too. Anyways i quit my job and went back to university after ten years and now feel i have a whole new life waiting for me now.Thanks TC i feel better now.

Kick ass article reminding us not to follow the herd and to stay out of comfort zones! Outstanding

I’ve liked nearly every Atomic Dog that TC and Chris have written, and this week’s was one of the best so far. It it helps just one person avoid a fall into the abyssal hell of Sheeplesville, then it was an article worth writing.

TC, where were you at my graduation ceremony? It never ceases to amaze me how hilarious and insightful the A-dog is week in and week out. Keep up the great work!

Ah, yes. Bra F’N vo TC. Each point in this issue’s Atomic Dog struck like a lightining bolt upon a goat standing on the edge of a cliff. And we sit there, shuddring amidst this glorious storm muttering under our shallow breath “Yeah goat, take it! Take it like a whore you goat mother F’er!!! Whose thy father goat!!! Who is Thy FATHER!!!” That goat is the outside world. The insignificant factions and nuances of life that nag and nip at our clothing and eat our tin cans…ok, perhaps too much alleteration. We T-people are the sages of this society. We strip ourselves to simplicity. Obviously we need our tools to perform this ritual: Our barbells, weights, dumbells and plates. Our protein and supplements. But the ritual in itself, the construction of strength through the loss of fat and sweat, this is our path, our way, our lives. We seek not to better ourselves through material or worldly means. Stare not at our yacht and shiny new toaster oven, rather at our boulder pectorals and chiseled torso. When society challenges that we need more and more to be accepted, we T-folk shrug our mighty traps and find comfort and strength in the simplicity of our iron stick and heavy circular discs. To hell with thine infomercials, a grunt in the weight room is our siren song. We Rule, the end. Lata.

"MB Eric: Girlfriend, the other white meat. Since 1313."


Man MB… I uh, well, I don’t know what to say. I felt like Patton was addressing the forum for a minute there. Pretty intense stuff.

Thanks guys, but screw my Atomic Dog! Let’s hear it for Monkey Boy!

Yeah, I think the atomic dog was incredibly hard hitting this week. It really did strike a chord or twenty with me. It was like a motivational speech with balls. I’m trying to stay away from a Bill Phillips trashing remark, so I will. And Monkey boy, uh, hasn’t going to college at least taught you that smoking Oregano instead of weed is bad for you. Naw, great post.

“Bronx Bomber, being confused by MB Eric since Day one”