TCam's Log - Get Strong(er)

(EDIT 07/07/2012: Took out the 5/3/1 in the title)

Alright, this is in response to the “Calling Out the <25 Age Crowd” and also because I’ve always wanted to start a log.

This first post will just be my stats and goals, I’ll be training later tonight.

Age: 20
Height: 6’0"
Weight: 200 lbs (Edit: 220-225, August 2011)
BF%: 10%
Lifting since June 2007

1RM stats:
Bench: 335 (Edit: 375-385, August 2011)
Squat: 365 (Edit: 475, August 2011)
Deadlift: 445 (Edit: 545, August 2011)

1 RM Goals:
Short Term (By Decemeber 31, 2009)(Edited August 2011):
365 bench (Achieved, 405 by Dec. 2011)
425 squat (Achieved, 500 by Dec. 2011)
505 deadlift (Achieved, 600 ASAP)
Edit: 550 Box Squat ASAP

Other Short Term Goals (Edited August 2011):
Squat-365X5 (Achieved, New Goal: 405x5)
Deadlift-450X3 (Achieved, New Goal: 545x3)
Bench-335X3 (Achieved, New Goal: 365x3)
BB Row-255X10 (Achieved, New Goal: 365x10)

Long Term (Couple years?):
400+ bench (August 2011, New Goal: 500+)
550+ squat (August 2011, New Goal: 650+)
600+ deadlift (August 2011, New Goal: 700+)
200-210 lbs BW at 8% BF (August 2011, New Goal: 220-230 @ 8%)

Few Notes:

Obviously almost all of my goals are strength based, and honestly, it’s only because I have more fun with power/strength training than bodybuilding. I’ve been getting the urge to jack up my forearms and lean out though. Meh.

I did a whole lot of bench in my first 6 months of training due to the fact that it’s what my dad does every time he’s in the gym. So that’s why my bench is so high in relation to everything else, my squat especially. I’ve been going ATG on squats for about a year now, but I started from scratch after a year of 1/3-1/2 squats(hangs head).

I’m not following a set routine. My training is generally high intensity/low reps 4-6 days a week with a 3 day rest every few weeks. But, I also generally hate resting because I get DOMS 2 days out. I guess if I had to sum it up in a rep scheme I’d end up with a lot of 5X5’s.

I think a real problem that’s holding me back is my ratio of dynamic and maximum effort days. I do a lot of ME sessions because I love it. So I’m going to try to work on that.

I got a shoulder injury of some kind last July, I believe it was a torn Supraspinatus, I’m stronger than ever but I still have pain/tightness (but usually not during training). It has held my vertical back training wayyy back. It’s getting better though.

I’m a student at the University of Alabama studying Exercise and Sport Science (focusing on Nutrition and Pre-Professional), it will lead to grad school and a career in Physical Therapy.

That’s about all I have to say. I’d appreciate any advice you have to give!


Might as well show you all this too. I’ll put up food porn occasionally when I have a sexy meal to showcase.

4 Whole Eggs
4 Small sweet peppers
12 Asparagus stalks
1 Sharp cheddar cheese stick
4 Strips of bacon
Few chunks of pineapple
Some zero calorie vita-beverage.

I pretty much never count calories, so you won’t be getting those. I just keep the carbs pretty low and everything else high.

fuuuck i love pineapple

[quote]Tumbles wrote:
fuuuck i love pineapple[/quote]

Lol Thanks!..?

Now, for tonight’s workout:
Note-All weight is in pounds

Using Fat Grips for the first time (fuck)- 135 5X2
225 X 2 sets/5 reps
315 X 5 reps
385 X 3 reps
405 X 1 rep
455 X 1 rep (PR!) Phew, just barely got lock out, 3 fingers holding on one hand.
315 X 10 reps
225 X 5 reps

Squat (Part of cooldown): 135X10

Pull ups: 5 reps
Low cable row: 160 X 5 reps
1-Arm DB Row: 110 DB X 3 Sets X 5 Reps

Stretch, Leave.

My elbow hurts for some reason, thinking it’s because I do almost NO biceps work but I do a bunch of triceps. That should change with the bumping up of the back work.

Protein Total: 210 grams

Random Quote for the Day: “The first time I set eyes on Mary Swanson, I just got that old fashioned romantic feeling where I’d do anything to bone her.” - Lloyd Christmas, Dumb and Dumber

Okay, I just got back from a family labor day trip to the ATL…well, Marietta, but close enough.
I played flag football when I got back at 3pm for a couple hours in the Alabama heat so I wasn’t feeling too energetic in the gym tonight. But whatever, this log should be much much more consistent starting now.

The shitty night:

Pull-ups: 5x5
1 Arm DB Rows: 110 Lbs 5x5 each side
Bench: 1 x 10 @ 135, 1 x 5 @ 225, 1 x 3 @ 275
Shrugs: 1 X 15 @ 185, 2 X 12,15 @ 225
Dips: 1 X 10 @ BW

Ran 3 180meter laps and did some ab work
Fart noise

Protein Total: ~150

Random Quote for the Day: "No day is so bad it can’t be fixed with a nap.â?? - Carrie P. Snow

Tonight: Kind of random. Had caffeine in me.

12 @ 135 w/ Fat Gripz
5 @ 225 w/ Fat Gripz (Hm…I like these a lot on bench)
5 @ 275
5 @ 225 followed w/o rest by 5 cleans and 5 push presses @ 135
5 @ 275 followed w/o rest by 10 bent rows w/ underhand grip @ 185
13 @ 185

5 (jump squat) @ 135
3 (front) @ 225, then w/o rest, 5 (back) @ 225
3 @ 315 X 2 (I really need to focus on squats…thinking a 4 week/8 session total thing)
5 @ 225

2 @ ~50m (Working on form)

Feeling okay afterward, brain is elsewhere though (textbooks).

Protein: 220g

Random Quote: “The man who smiles when things go wrong has thought of someone to blame it on.” - Robert Bloch

Felt pretty good tonight, grabbed the first thing I saw at the gym, which happened to be decline barbell bench press! WOO!

Decline Bench:
10 @ 135
8 @ 225
5 @ 275
4 @ 295
2 @ 315 (Would have gone for 3 with a spotter)
5 @ 275
1 @ 275 x 5 w/10-15 second rest in between each rep
25 @ 135 …yay bloodflow!

EZ Bar Curls (all with Fat Gripz):
5 @ 75 Preacher
2 @ 95 Preacher + Iso-hold
3 @ 95 Preacher
5 @ 75 Standing
5 @ 75 Standing Wide Grip

A:Overhead Serratus Sit-ups on Decline Bench w/ EZ Bar
B:Overhead Single Side Dumbbell Situps on Decline Bench
C:Dumbbell Russian Twists

A: 10 @ 75 + 5 @ Bodyweight
B: 5/side @ 40 DB
A: 5 @ 75
A: 6 @ 75
C: 10/side @ 40 DB
B: 5/side @ 40 DB

That was it. It took 45 minutes. I think I need to save the Fat Gripz for last in the work out because my grip is gone after using them. Or I could just adapt and get over it.

Protein Total: 197g (as of 9:30, I have 5 chapters of Anatomy to study for a test tomorrow, I’m sure to eat some chicken or something before the end of the night) Edit: Yup, Arby’s…health food. Total: 260g

Random Quote: “If automobiles had followed the same development cycle as the computer, a Rolls-Royce would today cost $100, get a million miles per gallon, and explode once a year, killing everyone inside.” --Robert Cringley

Ordered a chalk ball from Amazon and it arrived today! So you know what that means!

10 @ 135 w/ Fat Gripz
10 @ 225
5 @ 275
3 @ 365
1 @ 405
1 @ 455 (Got it pretty clean this time, got it up easy until lockout and struggled a bit)
0 @ 465 (Probably 2/3 of the way up. I’ll get it soon if I work on locking out)

Rack Pulls:
8 @ 135 w/ Fat Gripz
6 @ 225
6 @ 315
2 @ 405 (grip gave out)

Going to start a 4 week squat/back program which will include 2 squat days per week, one ME day and one DE day of squats and as much back work as possible. Everything else will be maintenance. Still working out the scheduling though.

Protein Total: 179g as of 10:18. I’m having a beer, so I’ll probably eat more soon. lol
Real Total: 187g

[Not So] Random Quote: “Beer is living proof that God loves us and wants us to be happy.”
Benjamin Franklin

I didn’t do anything today and probably won’t do anything tomorrow either, unless I wake up at 9am to get to the gym before they close at 11am. It’s game day at Alabama.

Went rope swinging today though. Biceps/Grip work?

Hey, look! I woke up! I’m proud of myself.

I sort of treated today as an off day with some conditioning work:

(All lifts with little rest)
BB Rows:
12 @ 135
10 @ 185
8 @ 185 Underhand

Clean High Pulls:
8 @ 135

Clean and Jerk:
2 @ 185 (working on form…it’s awful)

Pull/Chin ups:
5 x 5 (2 sets were chins)

A bunch of heavy cable resistance ab work. All linear, no rotational. Gotta get some rotation goin’ on.

It was a good enough work out for 9am. My left elbow is bothering me a lot though.
Partay tonight!

Saturday: Party was fun. Learned 2 things: I don’t like drunk girls’ sober friends, and Everclear tastes like rubbing alcohol.

Yesterday: Played football for 1.5 hours and then messed around with sandbags later that night. My roommate and I are about to start strongman style training, so we wanted to see what we could do with the sandbags. Even later than that, we went out to a parking lot and pushed my car (~3300 lbs) 30-50 yards about 5 times each and then rearranged our living room furniture.

5 @ 135 X 2

Box Squats:
5 @ 225
5 @ 275
10 @ 315 (first time I’ve ever done this, it wasn’t hard though…?)
2 @ 385 (PR is 405 X 2, going to pump the volume way up with the 5 week plan)
12 @ 135

Step Ups:
10 @ 135 (each side, alternating)

Standing Curls with Fat Gripz:
8 @ 75
9 @ 75
5 @ 75

Friends waiting for me to go swimming, so we went and swam laps for about 30 minutes.

Not a great work out really. I’m tired of these. The volume isn’t high enough for me. I haven’t been great nutritionally speaking. Not enough volume there either, there’s probably a connection.

Protein: I’m not sure. Too low.

Random Quote: “College tests are too stressful” -Me

Ahhh!! Roommate shit to deal with during my usual gym time. So no training for me tonight. :frowning:

As for nutrition, I did pretty well today, and at least neared 200g of protein.

My 5 week squat program is nearly written. I’m just adjusting things for what I think may happen socially (home football games and such).

Now I have to go study and do homework for the next few hours.

If you’re actually keeping up with this, sorry it’s been kinda lame. My training is going to get intense starting this weekend. Gotta get those lifts up!!!

One Arm DB Rows (less than 30 second rests):
12 @ 85
8 @ 85
7 @ 110
5 @ 110
5 @ 110
5 @ 110
5 @ 110
10 @ 85

BB Row:
12 @ 135
10 @ 135

Narrow Grip Lat Pulldown (Trying to keep it strict, no lean back, my vertical back movement is awful):
10 @ 120
5 @ 160
5 @ 160

Cable Shoulder Rotation (all directions)
10 @ 40 Each side, each direction

10 @ 135 Wide
5 @ 225 Regular
5 @ 225 Close
5 @ 225 Close
5 @ 225 Close
5 @ 225 Close

Hammer Strength Iso-Lateral High Row (I hate machines, but whatever):
10 @ 180 Bilateral
10 @ 90 (each side) Unilateral
5 @ 270 Bilateral
5 @ 135 (each side) Unilateral


It was a pretty good session considering my back is weak compared to the rest of me.
The 5 week squat program (which includes a lot of back work also) is essentially done, I’ll put it up soon.

Protein: 182g right now. Going to study for my anatomy lab practical, so I guarantee I will hit 200g before I go to sleep.

So, I thought I would get a pretty good running workout in tonight because flag football was supposed to start. But we got rained out and I couldn’t go to the gym afterward. I’m tired of missing my fucking workouts for stupid shit. Period.

15 @ 135
10 @ 225
5 @ 225 (pause between 4th and 5th rep)
3 @ 295
1 @ 315
5 @ 275 (pause after 3rd and 4th reps)
20 @ 135 Close Grip

5 @ 295 (saw a friend that I hadn’t seen in about a year, and he was using awwwful form, I had to show him correct form)

Triceps Cable Pushdown:
12 @ 80 (or 160? I don’t know if it was per handle or something)
10 @ 100
5 @ 120
8 @ 120
8 @ 100
12 @ 100

Leave. The gym was packed to the brim.

Okay, I’ll call the past week my “deloading” week because it’s been pathetic.

This is my squat program. I’ll take any comments.
Week 1 starts Saturday, September 19, 2009. But it’s an off day. Woo!

Week 1

  1.  Saturday- Off
  2. Sunday- Squat-ME
  3. Monday- Bench-Maintenance
  4. Tuesday- Back-Vertical
  5. Wednesday- Squat-DE
  6. Thursday- Back-Horizontal
  7. Friday- Bench-Maintenance

Week 2

  1. Saturday- Off
  2. Sunday- Bench-Maintenance
  3. Monday- Squat-ME
  4. Tuesday- Back- Vertical
  5. Wednesday- Deadlift-DE
  6. Thursday- Squat DE:Box
  7. Friday- Off

Week 3

  1. Saturday- Bench-Maintenance
  2. Sunday- Back-Horizontal
  3. Monday- Squat-ME:Box
  4. Tuesday- Back- Vertical
  5. Wednesday- Back-Horizontal
  6. Thursday- Squat-DE
  7. Friday- Off

Week 4

  1. Saturday- Back-Vertical
  2. Sunday- Squat- DE
  3. Monday- Back-Horizontal
  4. Tuesday- Bench-Maintenance
  5. Wednesday- Squat-ME: Box
  6. Thursday- Bench-Maintenance
  7. Friday- Off

Week 5

  1. Saturday-Off
  2. Sunday- Back-Mixed: DE
  3. Monday- Deadlift: DE
  4. Tuesday- Bench-Maintenance
  5. Wednesday- Squat: ME Test Day
  6. Thursday- Back-Vertical
  7. Friday- Off

Might as well post what my goals are with this program:

Add 35-40 pounds onto my squat PR (365 + 30-40 = 395-405 lbs)

Add a lot of ease to pull ups and increase scapular stability.

Increase grip strength before I start a similar program for deadlift.

5 weeks straight of actually following my supplement program (see below).

Each day:
2,400 mg Calcium
5,000 IU Vit.D3
200 mg B-6
500 mcg B-12
10 Fish Oil Pills = 6g
500 mg Vit.C
1 Serving Biotest Superfood
[Greater than or equal to] 2 Scoops Protein (48g)

Every 2-3 days:
1 Multivitamin
1,000 mg Glucosamine HCL
800 mg Chondroitin Sulfate

I’m going to keep my protein levels at or above 200g, bump up the carbs to about 200g clean (broccoli, asparagus, nuts, fruit), and keep eating as much healthy fat as I want.

Also note that some of the less important (bench, horizontal back) days may be substituted with strongman training (sandbags, sled, tire, sledge, plyometrics, etc.)

I think that about covers everything.
Have a great night!

Squat Session 1, Maximum Effort:

10 @ 135
5 @ 225
3 @ 315 (went up very easy, decided to go 1RM)
1 @ 385 (hell yes! +20 PR!)
2 @ 355
2 @ 355 (Got one, but I leaned forward, so I put the weight back for 30 seconds and did the other rep)
3 @ 335 (Same thing as the previous set, got 2 reps then put the weight back for 15 seconds and finished set)
8 @ 135

Glute-Ham Raise: Had to use momentum. These are ridiculous.
3 X 3
1 X 8 (more momentum than previous sets)

This was a great workout. I’m very happy with a +20 lbs. PR obviously.

Protein: 236g

Random Quote (this goes out to my roommate I’ve been having a problem with): “Everyone thinks about changing the world, but no one thinks about changing himself.” -Leo Tolstoy

Day 2: Bench Maintenance

Incline Bench (weak lift for me because of shoulder issue and lack of just doing it):
15 @ 135
5 @ 205
1 @ 275
5 @ 225
5 @ 225
7 @ 205

BW Dips: 15-30 Seconds Rest
4 Sets of 10
1 Set of 7 (to failure)

Triceps Cable Pushdown: 0-30 Seconds Rest
10 @ 50
9 @ 60
8 @ 70
7 @ 80
6 @ 90
5 @ 100
4 @ 110
3 @ 120

Plyometric Push-ups:
1 set of 15 (Triceps=Done)

Plank Hold: All consecutive. 2.5 minutes total.
Center, 1:00
Right, 0:30
Left, 0:30
Center, 0:30

It was a good session. Nothing spectacular happened, but that’s why it’s called maintenance. Squat takes precedent over bench for 5 weeks.

Protein: 203g

I had sardines for the first time ever today. Kind of dry even in the mustard sauce it came in. I’ll add EVOO next time. Taste wasn’t as awful as I thought it would be though.

I bought $130 worth of groceries today, I think at least 80% of that is meat. Will be shown in following post.

Random quote: “Don’t eat pineapple, it has fructose in it.” -Some D-Bag I overheard today.

19 pounds of a variety of meats. :smiley: