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Just wanted to wish TC the best of luck in recovering from his pec tear…

Ditto to that! Hang in there, TC! We’re thinking about ya! (That doesn’t make me gay does it?)

Sorry to read about your mishap TC, but your Atomic Dog along with this weeks articles, it might be the best issue ever published. Ive been reading TC’s work for such a long time i feel like i know him. So i actually did feel bad when i read that. Good luck in your recovery, as im sure things will pan out just fine.

yeah fuck man thats sounds bad good luck… My friends were over at superbowl, and one of them (probably the strongest) tried benching 300 for the first time here at halftime with little warm up… it really makes you think…

Good luck, TC! Keep us posted on your recovery!

Reading about how TC teared his pec kinda scared me. I’m doing Phase Training right now and next week will be the week to do “1RM testing.” I’m now thinking I might not want to try super heavy singles. Say I do 225x3 on bench,is there some kind of chart that will allow me to find out my new 1RM ? Hope the question is clear enough. If not I’ll try to explain more in depth…

Keep your chin up bud… easy to say, hard to do, I know. But you know you’ve a got HUGE following of people out here who are all backing you, so feel free to share your recovery story with us as it unfolds. You’ll actually probably be able to teach us a lot about that side of things when it’s all said and done. Anyway, here’s to a speedy and full recovery…! Mark (Down in OZ)

Hope the best for you and hope you get to workout good again soon. This weeks issue was awesome.

TC, I am sorry for the bad luck but you definitely could be worse off. One thing that you can look at good out of your mishap is that there will be a lot less people who will suffer because of the suffering that you have had to do. I am 30 years old and can bench 5 reps at 285 and was thinking about going for a one rep max. No thank you! There will be a lot less pec tears this year because of you. Remember as the Bible says “…we also rejoice in our sufferings, because we know that suffering produces perserverance; perserverance, character; and character, hope.” Romans 5:3-4 I hope you heal very quickly and can look back at this in a few years as a great learning experience.

I wish you the best TC. Get well and take it in stride.

Good luck, tc.

Hey, TC, I can’t describe in words how bad I feel for you. Like other obstacles in life, I’m sure you’ll overcome. Kinda makes me feel better about my niggling knee injury. Please keep us updated on your recovery. Perhaps we all can learn something from this, whether it be better training techniques or intestinal fortitude.

Sorry to hear about your injury man, I think you’ll show us all what strength of character is. Stu

TC,I had a similar injury 2 years ago on my
first cycle of roids(d-bol) at age 20.
I was doing a 500pound bench(up from 390 8weeks previously!) when it tore.
The doctor in the emergency room was rude
and said he refused to do surgery on a steroid using athlete,as they healed poorly and had all sorts of problems post-surgery.
Now the pec has an indentention but I have
surpassed my previous max with a closer grip.

Best of luck man… if there’s anybody we know of who will do beyond thier best to recover it’s you… see you on the streets of La Jolla chasing skirts.

All the best, TC. I really got scared after reading your A Dog this week. My wife even asked me what was wrong… she said I looked like I was about to faint. It’s funny, reading that showed me that these things happen to ordinary guys, too. Not just the huge, roided out guys throwing around 500+ for warm-ups. I truly hope you recover fast and hope you can find the strength to stay in the gym during the recovery (light weights, of course). The respect I got for properly training through my back injury and sticking it out through recovery made the injury a bit easier to bear. As for that reverse-anorexia we all seem to have here as T-men, even though it sucks, just remember all you’ve taught us about how the diet is most important anyway. It helped me at least. GOOD LUCK!

Thx TC, I will never do another 1 RM again. Hope you recover soon.

Best of luck TC, I wish you a speedy recovery.

Just wanted to thank everbody for the “get well” messages. Right now, my injured pec is trembling with good vibes.

I wonder if using some AAS might help TC
recover better than without? Any thoughts?
BTW - really do hope you recover well. Things
wouldn’t be the same w/o TC.