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TC -You go boy!

Looks like TC took my idea of not getting tattooed or pierced just to be different, and ran with it (at least I think he might have read my comment). Other things I plan never to do is put cutesy sayings on my licsence plate or own a Labrador. What about the rest of you?

Everybody on this website seems to lift weights. I dont think im gonna do that anymore.

I got inked because I thought my arm needed some color and I couldn’t get a blue monkey on it by sitting in direct sunlight. Everybody these days is breathing oxygen. What is it with you people? What? Because your idiot friends say it’s “cool” to intake O2 while simeltaneously expelling carbon dioxide? I hate these punk kids who think they’re all so fashionable because they know how to process oxygen and use it’s molecular structure to sustain homeostasis. You’re all a bunch of posers. And you kids with your new trend, what’s it called? Oh, here, I’ve an article concerning it…“having sex”. What is wrong with you people? What happened to good 'ol fashioned sporing? I’m sick to my stomach.

“MB Eric: See what happenes when he has free time on a saturday? since 1992.”


Eric, I think we should stop expelling gas too.

Not conforming is one thing, but going out of your way to non conform is just retarded. Do what you want and don’t worry what anyone will think. I have a custom license plate and it says “T Rone” (Testosterone). I get shit from all my friends but I could care less. One day I will own a big ass black truck and get a custom paint job with the word Testosterone in yellow along the side to go w/ my plate.

Well I’m not going to get any of that. Hey once I saw this girl who DIDN’T HAVE HER BELLYBUTTON PIERCED! I was totally shocked & blown away! Why don’t all girls get that done? (or undone I guess)

Drax, belly button piercings are sexy, be it a NICE stomach to show off in the first place. Second of all, piercings are a bit more less-permanent(just take out the ring) than tattoos. Tattoos aren’t sexy.