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TC: The Final Word?


So…after almost five pages of discussion that came to no conclusion; what is the final word on “Susie”?


…or simply a hard-working FBB?

(I’ve seen the pic before; I THINK that it’s “real”; but for the Life of me; I can’t recall where I have seen the pic!)

My vote is…real pic!


It is real. Look at the back of the calves. They are slightly veiny just like the arms.

And if you look at the shadow from the flash in the background, the neck is real and so are the traps. And they are damn thick just like the shadow.

I believe that it’s real.

i wouldn’t bet my life savings on it, but I really think it’s real.

Do you have her full name so someone can look her up on google?

Her(?) arms are ridiculous!

I’d hit it

[quote]Velvet Revolver wrote:
I’d hit it[/quote]

And what happens if she isn’t sexually pleased?

She hits back.


I really hope its photoshopped

[quote]ska7e wrote:
Velvet Revolver wrote:
I’d hit it

And what happens if she isn’t sexually pleased?[/quote]

Hey I’ll pass her on