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TC Quoted - Advice to Gain Weight

Was reading Tom Venuto’s webiste (one of the guys who got me thinking about fitness), and just thought I would mention he quoted TC about his advise to gain weight.

"T.C. Luoma, editor of Testosterone.net, gave the best (and funniest) advice on this subject that I have ever heard:

“I can’t gain weight no matter what I do! I am so sick of hearing that ubiquitous woe; when a client comes to me with this familiar lament, I usually offer a detailed explanation concerning caloric intake along with a proper meal plan strategy while providing encouragement through positive reinforcement. But I fantasize about smacking him repeatedly over the top of the head while yelling EAT, EAT! JUST EAT MORE YOU MORON!!! Simply put, if you’re a terminal hardgainer it will be necessary to “force feed” yourself throughout the day. As soon as you can eat without making yourself ill, eat some more.” "

Wow, I have no recollection of saying or writing that.

I’m not saying I didn’t say it, but I’m tempted to quote the jaded newspaper editor in “The Fountainhead”:

“How am I supposed to rermember every piece of swill I write?”

–TC, writer of swill

Well TC, looks like a simple search in fact confirms your notion. It was actually a quote from a Nelson Montana article from way back in '98.



Still damned funny. :slight_smile: