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TC on YouTube


never really seen him or heard him speak at length.


LOL, he called the interviewer a lesbian.

BTW check HolyMac's backflip on the related videos.


FUCK YEA TC. he actually talks like he writes. I want to party with him.


...and like 20 chicks.


yo that chick is BANGIN! WOOOOOOOOO


no just that newscaster chick. we could Eiffel Tower the shit outta her! BOOYAH!


I noticed it too after watching TC's video. To Holymac, if you read this, man you got some strong legs and stomach, made it over no problem with horrendous technique.


I bet every chick digs that voice.


fuck yeah TC!!


He's got a sexy voice.


Deeper voice than I thought.


Now that's a man's voice.


my ears area all warm because his sexy voice


So I guess this is the "nut-swinging" everyone is talking about...

And yes the chick was hot.


I think this was more like nut-hugging than nut-swinging.


Has everyone checked their finger length yet?


I checked the thread in GAL and you're right. There was no personal gain as a result of comments made, and therefore no swinging involved.


He kind of reminds me of:


lol @ your username


I imagined his voice to be something like that.