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For anyone interested, I appeared on the Rick Amato Talk Show in San Diego yesterday.

I was asked to come on and talk about steroids in baseball, steroids in sport and in general, and the almighty hormone Testosterone.

I scorched a few eardrums.

If you want to listen to it, you can hear it here:


(I was the first guest on the show and I come on about 20 minutes into the program.)


Nicely done.

As the caller said, it is nice to have a well thought out argument presented in support of a minority view (in the mainstream).

One question - If steroids and/or other enhancers were legalized, do you think it would be more or less difficult for society to stop teenagers from using them? Please amplify your response :slight_smile:

About 11 should be fine.


Just finished listening. Nicely done. I wonder how big Amato's audience is, and if this will help spread a new meme for Testosterone and steroids.


Fascinating. i always enjoy hearing what you have to say about the feminisation of America and can see a lot of similarities with what is happening in the UK.

The point about 'rites of passage' was particularly interesting.


Very cool interview and you definitely know what you're talking about. But, I hear that steroids have a psychological effect which was not talked about on the show. So many people have psychological issues even though they are physically healthy. Any thoughts on the mental side effects?


Nice. It's good to hear a viewpoint getting out there that is not simply hype and fear designed to scare everyone.

If nothing else, hormone replacement therapy should certainly be something that is common, given the side effects of lowered testosterone.


TC your knowledge and presentation is second to none. Especially like the mention of Brown-Sequard.

I did a piece on Charles E. Brown-Sequard for an assignment on performance enhancement.

The improvement in the arc of urine he documented was one of the most amusing aspects of his 'discoveries'. That's a real one to bring up down the pub or over dinner. Also his explusion of fecal matter was more powerful than ever. Obviously these things were important to him, as he'd probably been bunged up for years.

For those who want to know ehat he found he originally commented ...

"The day after the first subcutaneous injection, and still more after the two succeeding ones, a radical change took place in me.

I had regained at least all the strength I possessed a good many years ago.

My limbs, tested with a dynamometer, for a week before my trial and during the month following the first injection, showed a decided gain of strength.

I have had a greater improvement with regard to the expulsion of fecal matters than in any other function.

With regard to the facility of intellectual labour, which had diminished within the last few years, a return to my previous ordinary condition became quite manifest."

He was about 72 at the time.


"we also talk about mens' issues"



I was wondering whether you were going to mention it or not... glad you did ^^

really nice interwview supplying quality information.

Thanks for posting it!



Great interview. It's about time for educated and intelligent discussion on Testosterone.



Not bad TC. A few jitters but otherwise well done.
When defending a position that the President of the United States has blackballed you need to think about every word you use.
I'll bet your phones have been tapped and there is a large black Tahoe or Yukon following you around as you go shopping.
I, like yourself agree that we should be able to decide for ourselves every fricking thing we eat, watch, snort, smoke or inject...as long as we do not become a threat to our neighbour.
Our rights are being eaten away faster than global warming.
Good for you. Keep up the good work and the good fight and thanks for a good forum where we can discuss all of the above.


Thanks! Glad you liked it. Okay, I'll turn my amp to "11":

The thing about teenagers is that if you level with them, they surprise you once in awhile.

I tend to think that with all the false ads about the negative effects of marijuana and steroids, they're probably already hugely skeptical.

So, if we were honest about steroids and their side effects, they might make the right decision.

We should tell them, "While most of the things you here about 'roids are trumped up myths, they could, quite likely, cause early bone closure and you'll stay at your current height. Likewise, there's a chance they could screw with your endocrine system. We know very little about how introducting steroids to your still-developing body can effect your reproductive system."

That would probably dissuade most of them.


He's relatively new, so we probably helped him out instead of the other way around.

However, he'd lke me to be a semi-regular guest, so it might eventually end up helping to spread the gospel.


Thank you!


Great Interview........I wish it was longer!

Good Job TC!


Good stuff. I'm proud to empty this guy's wastebasket!

I like how the one caller seemed surprised that someone could talk about steroids intelligently. I think he was expecting a meathead!


As the lone caller stated, you came off as far more intelligent than most people on the topic, and I'm sure you cocked a few heads.

I admit that I was hoping for a little more caller controversy and a chance for you to beat down some of the crap that other listeners may have been thinking.

BTW-I knew you were a baseball fanatic, but maybe I lost sight of what that really meant.



Did he say steroid advocate enough times?


I am glad that Real Sports on HBO finally came somewhat clean on the presumed dangers of steroids, "Where are all of the bodies?"

Now we have TC "tilting at windmills" about the safe, use of the essential male hormone. Keep fighting the good fight.


Well, it's true that coming off a cycle abruptly might lead to depression in some individuals.

However, parents who insist their teenagers killed themselves because of steroid depression should be listened to, politely, but then their opinions should be taken with a grain of salt.


Excellent! WIsh I'd known about the fecal expulsion before I went on. Would have scorched a few eardrums!