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TC, marry me!...now!

I just read that Chanko diet article. Goddam! I feel like a fat kid in a candy store. I can’t wait to start it. I just went to the pantry, got the nutrition stats etc etc. Here is what i got: For a meal that involves 1 box Rice Roni(the SAn FRancisco treat!), 1 can corn(substitute peas for a change), 1 can chicken(or tuna) + 1 scoop protein powder & water(to drink with each meal). I have come up with 505 cal, 45 protein, 68 carbs, 4 fat. That is excellent for P+C meals! That recipee above makes 3 meals! ALso, its cheap as dirt. I could go to cosco and spend like 10 bucks and get around 15 chanko meals. Whats that? Don’t feel like eating spanish rice? try rice pilaf! or fried rice! or white, brown…I love you TC!

…How does anyone calling himself “Testosterone boy” keep the name while simultaneously proclaiming his love for TC to the point of proposing marriage to him?

i think the amount of testosterone in “testosteroneboy” has exceeded the max and has subsequently been converted into estrogen. beware of gyno dude! :o) kevo