TC Luoma. "ANIMAL"...1990's NEWS LETTER with "Animal"?

Hello TC Luoma,

A quick Question. Were you a contributor to a 1990’s ‘news letter’ with a man who went by the screen name “Animal”? (It’s been decades so my memory is not always that great.)

The news letter was about working out and cutting edge (legal) supplements. An excellent news letter I always looked forward to.

The main person in charge (I think) went by the screen name “Animal”. He was from the Twin Cities, MN area. Although the news letter seemed more towards bodybuilding, I remember his sport of choice was bicycling.

He was doing very successfully with his news letter and supplement business.

His neighbor’s gave him problems and called the police on him and he was being harassed by the police. F’n nosy neighbors!

He hired a high priced attorney from NY and then he (Animal) said he was moving to Europe

It’s always bothered me that I don’t know how his case and situation ended up.

Were you one of the writers or contributors of his news letters? And if so…would you be willing to shed some light on what happened to him?

Just Curious.