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TC Knows Inflammation!

I decided to do a little research and see what the rest of the world had to say about “CLA” which is one of the ingredients (along with Fish Oil) in the Biotest product, Flameout.

I have read some very interesting articles and research papers on the ability of CLA to help eradicate inflammation.

I thought I would pass along one of these articles. This one is from “Science News.” It seems that TC does in fact know inflammation.

Below is only part of the article. Click on the link at the bottom for the article in its entirety:

"Arthritis-ameliorating cheese, anyone? Asthma-moderating yogurt? How about a scoop of lupus-fighting ice cream? Although such foods don’t yet exist, they might one day. Data from a new study finds that an unusual fatty acid, a type of dairy fat, can modulate the injurious, runaway inflammation that underlies these and many other diseases.

The agent is a variant of the essential nutrient linoleic acid. It’s one of a pair of agents, known as conjugated linoleic acids (CLAs), that occur as trace constituents of animal fats. Both possess novel?although different? pharmacologic attributes. However, their concentrations in milk and other dairy goods are too low to make a recognizable difference.

At elevated doses, such as those delivered by over-the-counter food supplements available in health-food stores, each CLA appears to have potential for fighting disease in people and other animals.

For instance, a few years back, Mark E. Cook and his colleagues at the University of Wisconsin?Madison found that administering a mix of the two linoleic acid variants could prevent a common wasting syndrome in farm and laboratory animals that traced to uncontrolled inflammation. Moreover, the CLA supplementation dampened the injurious inflammation?an inappropriate immune attack?without impairing the animals’ ability to produce antibodies or launch a healthy immune response to infection.

[MEDICINE? Milk-based products, such as cheese, contain unusual fats that can stop injurious inflammation. The trick is to get enough of these fats without gorging on calories or the unhealthful fats that accompany the potentially therapeutic ones.


I’m not bashing this product but I’m very skeptical on saying that CLA will cause and increase in LBM,I’ve used it several times since EAS first released it and have tried a few other companies brands at varying doseages.

BUT I will say that the way it’s incorporated in to Flameout makes alot of sense and even when I mentioned it to some guys on another board that “isn’t generally found of Biotest” they all agreed it looked like a good product with an excellent price.

Just wondering if anyone here has used JUST CLA in hopes of getting some “recomp” effects in the past, and what it did for them?

Research on CLA, all isomers, offer very contradicting results.

Some show pro-inflammatory effects others show anti-inflammatory effects.

The inclusion of CLA in FlameOut serves to cover possible CLA difficiencies and has no other purposes.

The Omega-3 components of Flameout are sufficient to make this an excellent supplement, there is no need to try to invent benefits where none have been shown. It would have been nice, but I’ll guess the jury is still out on this one.