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TC Is a Bloody GENIUS


I tried 2 Spike plus 5oz. of grapefruit juice about 45 minutes before my training session today and let me just say it kicked some serious ass. I set a new PR in the front squat today by 20 pounds (315x5). I felt like I OWNED those weights today. I had done 2 Spike plus coffee before but this was way more intense.

TC is a genius. Like you didn't already know that.



Dude, try it with some Ephedra stack. Now that's fun. Matter of fact I'm doing it right now. San tight is also way reactive to Gfruits.




Tried it the last couple of mornings, but I think that my problem is not leaving enough time between the Spike and my pre-work out shake. I just feel the Spike start to kick in and it is time for my shake which seems to dull the effect of the Spike.

Think that i have to set my alarm half an hour earlier to get the full effect of the Spike before putting food in my stomach.


Where did I say he invented it? He merely suggested giving it a try, I did and I liked the results. BTW he does not live or work in Colorado. But then again you would already know that because you are WAY smarter and wittier than me.


Sarcasm is very difficult to convey sometimes. My mistake. It's not the Spike and grapefruit it is the bloody sleep apnea. Waking up 30 times a night is getting old.


Hey Mike, when did you consume your pre-workout shake? I was curious because I want to try the Spike/grapefruit combo but I don't want to train intensely or go catabolic on an empty stomach. Thanks


Probably a mute point but white or red grapefruit juice, does it matter?


I did the 2 Spike and grapefruit juice and then 20 grams of whey protein 45 minutes before my training session. Worked well for me and I will try it again tomorrow.


Spike and Meth does it for me!


Personally I like coke best. The numbing of my teeth and nose really helps me grit a few more reps out. Not to mention I feel bullet proof.


Hey thanks Mike...wow that sounds pretty simple. Correct me if I am wrong but that sounds like a pretty small amount of carbs and protein for such an intense strength training session. How long are your sessions?


I meant 40 grams whey pre workout and then 2.5 sccops of Surge post.
65 minutes start to finish
Start with a base compound movement 3x5 or 5x5
EDT pr zone 1
EDT pr zone 2
2 sets reverse hypers
2 sets windmills
2 sets hanging leg raise
See the EDT success stories thread


thanks again, a ha, i knew you were holding out on me lol - twenty grams of whey sheesh lol


I tried the Soike and grapefruit agian today and it kicked ass again...almost too much ass. Due to an unforeseen incident at work I was postponed in starting my training session by an hour. Therefore, I had less food in my belly when taking the Spike and grapefruit juice. It got to the point where I was a bit shaky but I am not sure if it was the Spike or the lack of food in my system.

Lesson learned: I should have had a small Metabolic Drive shake to tide me over.


Ive only done that once, though. Will I be okay?



Canned is the best source of a 'booster' in plain English.

I don't know about Ruby Red Juice, its a little sweeter.


perhaps its just bc I'm covering p450 in biochem now, but after reading that article I feel more compelled to stay away from grapefruit forever than use it to increase the effect of Carbolin 19.


Because the enzymes in Grapefruit increase efects of the supps.... doesn't that mean that they have a shorter effect? Like they're being used in a very intense burst?

Wouldn't it be better to have the effect of something like Carbolin 19 spread out?


How about grapefruit? I noticed an increased effect with Spike with it. Would it be better with grapefruit juice?


no, that is not how it works.

cytochrome p450 is responsible for deactivating what is known as "reactive oxygen species" (ROS for short). ROS are usually chemical intermediates or molecular oxygen which has not been fully reduced via electron transport before being released. These chemicals are highly reactive, and thus if left unchecked in the body can go on to start any number of harmful chain reactions (you might be familiar with the term free-radical damage). Cyt P450 basically renders these ROS harmless, preventing cellular damage through unwanted side reactions.

You might be wondering how this all ties in with supps. Well, ingested chemicals are metabolized via p450 to render them "harmless" before allowing them to be absorbed into the body. Thus, Cyt p450 metabolizes the supplements ingested, lowering the amount of active ingredient passed through into the circulatory system during digestion. By using grapefruit juice to effectively "shut-down" p450, you are allowing more of the active ingredient into your body via digestion. This does not shorten the active life of the compound, or cause it to react quicker in any way. In effect, you are just taking more of it.

My problem with this is that p450 is responsible for preventing cellular damage. Inhibiting its function may have very negative side effects if done frequently (I have no clue how long this deactivation lasts). Keep in mind that polyunsaturated fats (those touted as "healthy") go rancid rapidly if not properly refrigerated, forming free-radicals and leading to increased cellular degredation. If your diet is high in potentially rancid PUFA's, i'd stay clear of the grapefruit.