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TC Interview Video


First off, Hi all. I've been a member for a while and I've learned a lot from this site, but I've never felt I had anything to say because I was quite a bit younger (I'm 18 atm). I probly still don't have a lot to say lol, but having 0 posts is just embarrasing so on to the point...

I haven't seen anyone post this vid (sorry if it has) and it wasnt even on youtube before. I thought it was quite funny.


Hell of a way to make a first post! Good video... cool guy. You can tell he's well-read, intelligent, and know what he's talking about.

I'm really glad it was more of a "fun" interview than a ball-burning one.


I imagined him sounding very different. Still very good video and the reporter got my T levels elevated.


Great stuff!




I thought the reporter was pretty hot too. I like the way she says "I do" and "I am" when TC says they have higher testosterone, often athletes, often good at math... and then he says they're often lesbians and she's like oh... lol


Yeah, not what I expected. But all the same, didn't know he wrote a book! You would think they would have advertised a little on here about it.


They did...its in the store...and has been discussed:


Take a look around the store, apparently there is a lot here ya havent seen yet.


TC's the man!


looks at hand


Sounds like some new-aged wizardry.


I have Atomic Dog, its quite an enjoyable read. I have read it several times.


Awesome. He is a very cool dude. He doesn't come off as the arrogant macho man most people would say he would.. great stuff


T-Nation should do some interviews like this. :wink: :wink:


Very cool.



He seems even more awesome now i've seen this, this is awesome. I'd love for T-Nation editors/contributers to do more videos and interviews.

Atomic Dog's like my favourite book.


And then TC took that nice lady home for a MFF 3-way......


You know he was thinking it throughout the show at the very least :slight_smile:


nice find man!

look at hand x2, yes!!

What's next TC, 60min?