TC-great atomic dog

TC-Issue 200 Atomic dog was one of my favorites to date. Probably because I can relate to it so well. Now, although im only 19, I feel the same exact way. My dad (a professor) can do everything. He tutors me in every subject (except french) and it seems like anytime there is a problem with an appliance or car or something, ol’ pops can fix it. Man, I dont know shit about shit. Unless its in the weightroom or on ESPN, I’m as clueless the guy curling in the squat rack! You must be able to read my thoughts, because everything you said is exactly what I think. What do all my T bros and vixens have to say?

I also identified somewhat with the TC’s article. My dad is very good and fixing things and in the past i didn’t know shit. Part of why i could not fix things was because of my father. I would be messing with something broken and he say “Quit before you break it worse, just give it to me and i’ll take care of it.” His great ability and desire to fix things actually hindered my ability. Now that i am out on my own i have learned to do many things that my dad had previously done for me.

I agree entirely. I’m more of an academic, so when things break, I’m really at a loss. My friend’s father can fix/build anything. I figure that once I graduate, I might invest in some of those home repair/improvement books.

My dad isn’t handy at all even when he feels like fixing/maintaining something. Hopefully that skips a generation though.