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TC: Get a Kevin Nee Interview?


TC it was suggested there is a chance of getting an interview with strongman Kevin Nee in this thread...


Any chance of maybe getting Nate Green or another writer to get in contact with Kevin about this?

This is about as much noise as I know how to make without calling in a bomb threat to Biotest labs :slightly_smiling: So hopefully you will see this.


come on TC dont make us beg!!!



I don't know if you've seen this already but I found it when I googled his name. The way he splits up his training was a bit surprising to me.


Kevin is a member of the Marunde-Muscle.com forum. Sign up and send him a personal message regarding an interview.


Yea, come on sort it out guys!! :wink:


looks like interview was already done why another?


alright, here's the deal. talked to kevin and he is more than willing to talk it up.

so this is the concept. much like they did over at EFS, post your questions for Kevin here, i will ask him the best ones, the ones that add the most value for the readers here at T-Nation, and will put them in an article and submit it to TC.

i won't put any limiters on what you can ask, but try to keep it at least mostly on topic.

can't wait to see what pops up...



I'll deffo have some questions, but right now I just wanna say how awesome it is of Kevin to agree to do it. You can say thanks for me in advance!!!


Maybe you can answer this one. What is the reasoning behind using somewhat of a traditional bodybuilding type split for his training? I'm just curious because I was under the impression that most strength athletes used upper lower splits, but I could be way off base here.


Does kevin nee have a job, besides strongman?


How the hell did you get that crazy deadlift?
You've gained a lot of weight since you were on the mtv special, any tips, any changed you've made?


How much work does he put in training strongman specific events, versus traditional weight training with the barbell in the gym.


Has Kevin ever thought about making a deadlifitng video? Because since strongman is his job(read an article last month about it) wouldn't this be a good way to make alot of money?

What gym lifts does he find helps strongman events the most? Other than deadlift, squat, and overhead press.

How does he incorporate conditioning into his workout if he does?

Does he see strongman becoming a mainstream sport in the US? If not why?

Does he use olympic lifts in his routine?

I have alot more but you are probably tired of my questions already. I just think it would be a great idea to put together a homemade deadlifting video. It would cost barely anything, and most guys who compete in strongman or any other strength sport would buy a video from such an amazing athlete.


I'd like to know how his training has changed since he made the Marunde interview and how he changes it to adapt for frequent contests and being on the road.

This has been popular lately, so might as well ask how he feels about benching in regards to strongman training.

And finally, just to stir up some controversy, how does he feel about the IFSA vs WSM split?
Any chance we could get him to convert? Between him and Derek Poundstone the US would be solid at worlds.


Yo Kevin how much you bench bro? (JOKING!)

How did it feel making the finals for the first time?

What weaknesses to do you plan to attack for next years circuit and how?

Whats the daily diet look like? (roughly)

What are your goals for '08?


when are you planning to pull a grand?


Hey Zach. Has Kevin ever thought of life after winning WSM? Maybe pro-wrestling or something where he can capitalize on his Strongman success?