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TC: Explain the Locker Room?



I think that this is a GREAT idea!

But in talking to some members (and due to my own confusion), the "mechanics" are getting me confused.

So...let us know if this is correct or not:

1) If we see an authors name in green, they are online and present.

Now the confusion:

If we click on their name, does that take us to the thread they are "hanging out at" OR just the last thread that they were on?

Also; is the thread that we are linked to the one that we can begin posting questions on?

(Sorry if all this has been answered before! Many of us want this to work and be successful.)




I am obviously not TC, but this is my understanding of how it works:

Name in green means that person is currently online.

If you click on their name it will take you to their last post.

That last post is not necessarily the thread you would want to post in. Ex. If I started an Injury thread and you wanted to post an injury question, then you should post it to that thread. Let's say while I was online, that I responded to a different thread. If you clicked on my name at that point it would show you my post in that thread and in that case you wouldn't want to post your injury question in that thread.

I hope that helps.

Take care,



Thanks, Dr. R!

Are all of the authors asked to sort of "scan" all the threads that they may be asked questions on?



I believe only authors can post threads in the Locker Room, so...we (of course) scan those threads.

As for other threads, I usually check out the steroids forum as well as the top 30 and the current articles....but we (the authors) aren't "required" to scan anything in particular per se...

Many of us probably do, just as a matter of course...but (as an example) I don't really scan the sex forum too frequently, as I don't think many people will be asking what my favorite porn movie is....


There are no specific rules. I know most authors will start their own threads for people to post to and most of their responses will be in those threads. I try to look over the "Most Popular" threads to see if there are any that may be looking for specific help. I don't usually go looking through archives of threads, unless someone asks me to respond to a particular one.

I would say that how much searching the authors do of other threads would be determined by how much activity they are getting on the threads they started. If those threads are really busy, then they probably don't have much time to go digging through all the other threads.

Hope that answers your question.

Take care,



Anthony, what is your favorite porn movie?

I guess that's where we are different, I usually check out all the Sex archives looking for any with a 'photo' icon, especially if it's started by Vegita. Also, if it's started by Wideguy, it's bound to be good. I'm joking of course.... but only a little. :slight_smile:

Take care,



Thanks, Dr. R and Anthony; that helps a lot!

This is a great idea that I'm sure a lot of members want to see work. The "mechanics" of it all was getting me just a little confused.