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TC about your dog

1st of all I hope he’s OK I remember he had a problem. 2nd Isn’t he a Staffordshire, thought you’de be intersted in this.

American Airlines has implemented a new policy prohibiting the shipment of
Rottweilers, Doberman Pinschers, American Staffordshire Terriers, Bull
Terriers, American Pit Bull Terriers and others. This policy will unfairly
punish many responsible dog owners and breeders should strongly oppose any
policy that determines a dog to be “dangerous” based on its breed or
phenotype. Regulations should not be based on breed identity. A dog’s
behavior, not its breed, should determine whether it is accepted for air

The AKC is urging dog owners to contact the airline to request a change in
their policy. Please direct your letters to: Donald Carty Chairman and
CEO, American Airlines
PO Box 619612,
Mail Drop 2400,
DFW Airport, TX 75261-9612

What is this? It isn’t PC to make racist policies against humans, so they have to aim them at dogs? Give me a break. I’m really getting fed up with all this crap.

My boy’s doing fine. Just got back from the hardware store where I bought some chain. I’m going to hook it up to one of those Louis Simmons sleds and see how much weight the boy can pull!

And regarding the airline thing, it's mind blowing. This past January, I sold my house in Denver because my dog was banned. Across the street-literally--he was fine, but not on my side of the street (across the street is a different county). The animal control department said that if I was so much as pulled over for a traffic ticket, the police would call them and they would destroy him.

There are, however, no such restrictions or silly laws in T-Nation.

TC–what county did you live it? im in jeffco, and i think that pitbulls are banned in all of colorado. my buddy lives in parker (douglas county), and has a pitbull, however they registrared it as a ‘boxer-mix’ because its illegal. its a shame b/c blade is one of the friendliest dogs i have ever met.

Man, that sucks! Could be worse though, you could be living in Iran…


Iran cleric wants to arrest all dogs
Sun Oct 13,11:30 AM ET

TEHRAN (Reuters) - Dogs and their owners could become the latest target of a clampdown on moral corruption in Iran after a hardline cleric called for canines of all shapes to be arrested.

"I call on the judiciary to arrest all long-legged, medium- legged and short-legged dogs along with their long-legged owners," the newspaper quoted Gholamreza Hassani, Friday prayer leader in the northwestern city of Urumiyeh, as saying.

"Otherwise I'll do it myself," the Etemad newspaper on Sunday quoted the cleric as saying.

While canines are reviled by strict Muslims for being "unclean", dog-ownership has increased in Iran in recent years especially among well-to-do, Westernised Iranians.

"In our country there is freedom of speech, but not freedom for corruption," said Hassani, famous for his often eccentric outbursts. "Some evil people interpret freedom to promote un- Islamic and corrupt behaviour."

Police and hardline judiciary agents have carried out sporadic clampdowns on dogs in Iran, fining owners and confiscating their pets in streets and public parks.

In his latest comments, Hassani appeared to be widening the net of his anti-canine campaign since last year when he thanked police for confiscating short-legged dogs in Urumiyeh.