TBW After 2 Months of No Training?

just a quick question guys, would it be a good idea to get back to working out w/a TBW after a 6wk off period. the reason i was off was because i wasnt finding anytime to go to the gym during nursing school. now im gonna have a month off and trying to decide if i should go back to TBW or start doing a chest, legs, arms, shoulders, back split? ive been doing TBW for the most part and i do get good results but wondering if it’s time to change my routine?

what do you all think? thanks guys

If you plan on taking 6-8 week breaks from training often, whatever routine you do won’t make much of a difference.

going to try and not take such long breaks this coming spring semester, so i guess im trying to ask if it be a good idea to get back into it w/TBW or just start w/splits? chances are during the semester i’d only be able to do TBW 3 x week so im leaning towards that

Here is a tip that is going to be more valuable to you in the long run than whatever program you run right now:

Learn how to manage your time, and learn how to do it now. The better you are at this skill by the time you graduate, the less you will fail at life working 40-55 hours a week.

Figure out how important training is to you, and if it is 4-5 days a week important, manage your responsibilities so you can spare 90 mins 5 days a week to get to the gym. The weeks where I was working 70+ hours a week during tax season, and I still made it to the gym the 3 days a week I was out of work when the gym was open.

I’m pretty sure you can squeeze in a 4th or 5th day a week during school, if you want it bad enough, without your grades slipping.

As far as TBT v Split… that depends.