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TBT/ Waterbury Method Hybrid

Alright, here’s a workout I came up with by combining the TBT and Waterbury methods. My main concern with the original TBT program was that it didn’t take into account the vertical and horizontal push/ pull thing for the upper body.

I started to modify the program almost immediately because of that and then when the Waterbury Method article came out I took his idea of doing the first exercise at 10X3 and the other exercises at 4X6 and came up with the following split/ rotation.

Day 1 - 10X3 Hip Dominant
4X6 Horz. Push & Vert Pull

Day 2 - 10X3 Vert Press
4X6 Horz. Pull & Quad Dominant

Day 3 - 10X3 Vert. Pull
4X6 Hip Dom. & Horz. Push

Day 4 - 10X3 Quad Dom.
4X6 Vert. Press & Horz. Pull

Day 5 - 10X3 Horz. Push
4X6 Vert. Pull & Hip Dom.

Day 6 - 10X3 Horz. Pull
4X6 Quad Dom. & Vert. Press

Doing 3 days a week you get every main movement pattern hit with the 10X3 in a 2 week period while maintaining balance and still getting a total body workout in every time. I’ll change up the exercises every session but try to stick with the staples for the 10X3 (squat, deads, chins, dips, BB rows and military press).

I’ll also throw in some arms, calves and stuff after the main workout. I don’t really have a split for those but I will try to do 2 bodyparts for 2-4 sets of 6 reps for them. Abs on non-weight training days with some GPP stuff.

I’ve gotten some great results with this program while staying true to some stuff that I learned from Ian King (still the best contributor to this sight hands down). Just wanted to throw this out there and get some feedback from other T-Mag readers…

Are you doing the 10x3 movements at a constant weight or are you working up to a 3RM?