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TBT vs. 5 X 5


Hey guys,

I have been doing some 5 X 5 work the last couple weeks using 70 s rest periods. Was wondering if CW's TBT might be a better alternative since he pretty much builds in some periodization into the program.

I am trying to bring up all my lifts and get a real solid strength base while adding some muscle mass.

Current workout looks like this:

Back Squats
Close Grip Bench
Chest supported rows
Alternating DB should presses
Calf raises

Incline Bench
Hang Cleans
Standing military press
Front Squats
Seated rows
Barbell reverse curls

Flat Bench
DB snatches
EZ bar curls
Lying Tri extensions



I'd switch it up to TBT for 8 weeks. You get the periodization, as you mention, combined with the antagonist training.


Thats one thing I forgot to mention. The antagonistic training would be extremely difficult to pull off since I can only work out in the evenings and the gym is way to crowded to be able to use more than one apparatus at a time.


The antagonist training certainly adds to the program, but I agree it can be difficult to pull off in many commercial gyms.

You still get the periodization (valuable), progressive loading and rotation of exercises (based on your choices). Also, I believe the lifting to "one rep short of failure" regardless of the set/rep scheme in this program has high utility (3x18 squats around week seven were killers!)

TBT is one of the best out-of-the-box programs I've encountered.


You can pull of the antagonist training NO PROB just always use DB.s or a mobile BB for all other excercises. Like bench DB rows. Chins DB overhead press. etc.