TBT Training

Hello guys, i just finished my first session of TBT. I must say i enjoyed it, great sweat and i never sat down once.

Question; Can i break up the TBT workout in 2 sessions per day? IE 3 excercises am and pm respectively?

I just read another one cw’s articles where he suggested it, have people done this while using TBT?


What’s the reason for wanting to break up the workouts? When I did TBT I wasn’t in the gym more than 45 minutes. I’m sure you could break the sessions up in half, but I don’t know if you’d get the desired results of the program doing it this way.

I was thinking of splitting up the 24set sessions to 2 12sets and just the general option. It’s one of waterbury’s tips actually breaking up fullbody routines i just don’t know if it should be done with TBT.