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TBT Question


Hey guys on TBT it says that I have to do 'antagonist training'. Whats that? Is it like bench, rest, pullups, rest, bench, rest etc...? Or is it like supersets bench then pullups, rest, repeat?


superset antagonist muscle groups. i am using the same thing and yesterday i ss bench with pull ups. however, im not sure if its supposed to be opposite planes of motion, ie b/o rows ss w/ bench press. meh, im sure in the grand scheme of things it doesnt matter too much as long as you're getting all your groups/lifts in.


To antagonize means to be in opposition to. You do a set of bench, rest, then row, rest, bench. You are ficailitating recovery by inhibiting the back during chest work and vice versa. You can read more about it in CW's recent frequency articles.



Thank you