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TBT Question

I’m starting the total body workout and was wondering about training abs/cardio while doing this. Should I do an abs workout while doing this routine or should I just focus on the routine? If I do an abs routine is it better to do it on an off day with cardio or just before I lift weights?


I am currently doing a toatl body w/o and have doen both methods you speak for abs.

At first I was doing them on seperate days along side some cardio. Worked.

Two weeks ago I switched to doing them before the W/O and I am liking this much better. Gets the AB w/o in and gets me nice and warm for the workout to come. I incorporate the ab stuff with just a general warm up.

Just my take, try them both, but the latter seems the best for me,


Phill thanks for the help I figure I’ll try the abs workout before the total body workout.

I did intervals and ab/calve training on “OFF” days. I had two different routines:

Tues: straight leg calves/rest60s/decline situps/rest60s/repeat
Thur: seated calves/rest60s/pikes/rest60s/repeat

Saturday I was either OFF or else did some GPP type stuff.

Sunday was either OFF or way OFF depending on how much beer I drank.

It worked for me, but I have a high tolerance to training.