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TBT Question for Chad Waterbury


Is there harm in waiting 4 weeks to switch exercises during TBT instead of 2 weeks?

I have made strength gains using the increasing set progressions found in ABBH and wanted to experience the same with TBT. Also, I only have 2 yrs training experience and it takes a few workouts to dial in the recommended load for an exercise switch.


Yes, a relative newbie such as yourself could make great gains with the same exercises for 4 weeks. Your own experience with the same exercises for 4 weeks is the best indicator. Since you had great ABBH results using constant exercises for 4 weeks, you’ll probably be fine with the same on TBT. Just be sure to use different exercises for the same body part throughout the week, for example (chest):

Workout 1: Barbell flat Bench Press
Workout 2: DB Incline Bench Press
Workout 3: DB Decline Bench Press with a semi-supinated grip