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TBT Progress and Praise

Hey guys,
I’m just writing to let you guys know of my recent successes. i know that the full body workouts have been a pretty hot topic here in the past month so i figured i would pass along my successess with it. i am using CW’s TBT program and i am in my 3rd week. i have gained 3 lbs of LBM, hit all new personal records on my lifts, especially my squats and benches, incline and flat. flat, my max was 245 and now i am repping that 5x and my incline went from 185, 5x to 225, 5x last night. Squats up from 185 5x to 235 5x (weak i know but i am recovering from a knee injury). Overall i look and feel much better and my self confidence is through the roof. Thanks a million CW and i hope all of you that are using this with success will post your results here, i am interested to see if other people are liking this as much as i am.

Good job dude! :slight_smile:

However, and I say that not you put you down for sure! if you haven’t trained for some time, it’s normal to regain some glycogen volume, especially with high frequency.

here’s a little background on what i have been doing so you can see what i came from. i have been continuously training now for about 8 years and i am 23. some of those years were lost due to poor diet and training methods. i was alwyas a fan of the body part split programs (chest/back one day, bi/tri, you get the idea). i cut all summer using some of CT’s programs and had great results. i made good progress but as i started my bulking phase in August i decided to try the Westside program. this worked very well but i read the hype on here about full body workouts and remembered that this is where i built my base from a skinny twig. alas, this is what i am back to doing.