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TBT & Pro Hormones?

I am currently doing TBT in week 7 and loving the results. I have been doing an extended cuttting cycle and will be looking to start a bulk as my BF% is now under 14 and I would like to start to add some mass (5"10 205 lbs <14% BF and a former fat boy).

I am going to complete 8 weeks of TBT followed by 4 weeks of a 6 x 4 strength focused program 4x per week upper push/pull days mixed with lower body days to help solidify gains as I have put on some lean mass while dropping some body fat on a hypocalorie deficit. This will complete my 12 week block and I will take one week to rest and get ready for my next 12 week plan.

My question for CW and anyone else who can offer advice or experience. After a rest week, I am planning my next 12 week cycle and plan to use TBT for the first 8 weeks followed by QD for the last 4 weeks. I will be using a Prohormone and I am wondering what the most optimal cyle would be. A couple of options I am considering:

Option #1
Use pro hormone on heaviest weeks being 3&4 off for two weeks and then again for weeks 7&8.

Option #2
Use pro hormone for weeks 3,4,5 &6 followed by at least a 4 week off period

My goals are mass first and strength tertiary.

I am interested in hearing strategies from those who have dabbed in this area and of course value your thoughts CW as I am very impressed with TBT results without any assistance coupled with a caloric deficit.

I am excited to see the results when I eat more clean food + use some assistance.