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TBT or Westside for Size Gains?


I am looking to gain size. Currently I am on TBT but I am not sure I like it right now. What program 'subjectively' better for size gains?
I'm only 185 and looking to gain weight.


I know some people got really good mass gain on TBT but it has a lot a high rep day which isn't ideal for others. The westside method can be effective for mass as long a you have enough volume. You could also do WS by doing rep day instead of DE day like WS for Skinny Bastard.


Are you an athlete or just looking for size?

If an athlete, I'd say Westside. If not, German Volume Training version I or II depending on your years of experience.


I would recommend JB's Growth Surge Project. If that program is adopted, you'll gain wieght on either TBT or WSB.