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TBT or Lift Fast Get Big


Hi everyone

Im looking to start another waterbury program after i failed in my attempt to gain muscle OR strength on a high rep program :frowning: .
So im liking the TBT and LIFT FAST GET BIG programs. My question is which one of these programs would produce more hypertrophy. Im guessing TBT would because of the different rep schemes ?
where LFGB seems to have reps all around the 6 or lower area.

What results have u guys and gals had?



The only way to find out is to try. I grow best from low reps, heavy weight, and keeping my volume relatively high. Chad's 10x3 recommendations work well for me. Right now, to changes things up, I roated a heavy week (10x3, 5x5, 4x6) with a light week (5x10, 4x12). Not as scientific as TBT, but I get good results as I get the growth stimulus of the low reps without burnout. If you have been hi rep for a while, I would recommend 'Waterbury Method'. It will be a good change for your system. You can implement the principles of lift Fast Get Big with those rep schemes.