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TBT Leaves Me Breathless


Ok I am painfully aware that I need some cardio help after doing 15 step ups and other lifts from TBT...I was gasping for air..which obviously hurts my lifting.

Ive been doing 3 days of fat burning cardio..Heart beat 123-128 bpm.

But I need to get my heart pumping so I dont get out of breath. I take the steps at work and other things, but whats a good way to get my ticker up to par. God i DESPISE cardio, but I dont want to huff and puff to a bad squat and deadlift.


You'll just have to work through it and build up your work capacity. Your body may not yet be used to that much work with short rest periods. It shouldn't take more than about 4-5 continuous workouts to see improvements. But that's just my estimate, it will kick in if you just keep going at it.


TBT is one of my favourite workouts, finishing up week 2 as we speak.


I love it too..ive been doing something similar but started the actual plan and did step ups on workout 3...i almost died....i was soo out of breath lol


lol. Only lower body work I do on workout 3 is some hip stuff, rugby on the saturday and I hate playing a game after squatting. I back squat on workout 1 and front squat workout 2. TBT leaves me DRIPPING in sweat. There is literally a puddle in the squat rack once I am done. People give me funny looks too, apparently sweating is a big no-no when you're actually busting your ass. Bunch of pansies in my gym.


Yeah i got odd looks when cleaning the floor in the rack and the plate off the step up machine they have...

of course they also looked at me funny when i lugged dumbells over there and didnt use the weird cable thingy for it.