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TBT: Fat Loss?


Anybody here experience some great fat loss results while doing Total Body Training by CW? (with proper dieting of course?)

Because some workout days are based on a 3 x 8 scheme which is usually used for mass...so isn't useless to diet with this type of scheme?

Also, Is it possible to do the cardio right after the workout on the days on higher reps scheme?

What do you think about this?


I think it could work fine for cutting for some. For others it would be too taxing. Everybody is individual on the amount of volume they can handle when losing fat. I personally don't like doing cardio after any weights workout, even a high rep one.


In regards to volume, in a Prime Time thread a short while back, CT recommended maintaining volume until you can't hit your desired reps on the last set/sets. Then, reduce it some.


Oh, I'm not sure I understood well that last part...

Are you refering to my question about the 3x8 scheme while on a low carb diet?


Oh! BTW, Do you think that it is totally useless to superset the last exercices on the first weeks on TBT...

I.E. at the end of workout 1 suppersetting :

    3 x 5?


Ive did the first workout yesterday (3x5 for all movements)

And I didn't feel exhausted is it normal?

By the way, how do you guys manage the weights with this program, since the reps scheme change frequently?

Do you frequently juggle to find the right weight an only count the reps that fit in the desired range?

i.e 3x5 (but did 2-3 sets before findind the right weight for 5 reps, so I only count those last reps)

Again, thanks for help.