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I was wondering what everyone thought of TBT, I think it's pretty good but for me the volume doesn't seem very high. I'm bulking right now, is TBT a good choice for bulking or is there a better program on here I should try? Any feedback and Testimonials would be greatly appreciated.


I can't give any testimonials or results for that matter (as I am currently doing the programme).

But I am bulking at present and I am doing Chad's great TBT plan FYI.


TBT has worked well for bulking in the past, the nice part is that it allows you to keep the intensity up on all of your major compound movements. The variety is also fantastic.


Yeah I really like TBT. I am a powerlifter who trains Westside style, but every couple of months I throw in a three week cycle of TBT for a mental break from Westside, and I always experience a nice amount of hypertrophy from that. Remember the most important part about bulking is consuming more calories than you use. So, as long as your Kcal consumption is right, then any program on this site should work good.



Has anyone on this thread only used compound movements during their TBT programme?

Chad says its an excellent idea, although he does allow you to choose 2 isolation movements from the 6 exercises per workout.


I've started with 4 compound and two isolations, this allows me to bring any lagging body parts up to scratch through dumbell work etc.

I think the highest I'd go to would be five compound lifts and one isolation movement - especially on the 60-90 second rest days! Personally, 6 would kill me. Then again, maybe I'm just not hardcore enough. Try it and find out!


Wouldn't there be variety issues? Maybe I'm just uncreative. Anyone care to venture a sample of what the all-compound TBT might look like?


After 5 compound movements you can be pretty sure that you've hit everything (these obviously have to be selected properly). A sixth would most likely just repeat something you've already hit...however I've been wrong...once.


Which are the best 4 compounds and 2 isolation exercises in order to hit ALL the body in one single workout?


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The way I understand it, it isnt about the best exersizes - it's about ALL of the exersizes. The routines change because you should be hitting the muscle at different angles, as well as overloading it with stress from the weights.

This way, when used in combination with different rest times, set/rep combos etc, your muscles dont get used to the same excersizes, forcing it to grow.

Correct me if I'm wrong :slight_smile:


On page 2 or 3 of the TBT article Chad offers a sample program. One routine I enjoy doing is Deadlift, Squat, Incline Bench Press, Upright Row, Close Grip Chinups, and Dips. However, on some days with high volume doing 6 compound exercises can be very exhausting and may not be optimal.


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