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TBT & Arm/Shoulder Day?

I have finally decided to go with a TBT program to try and shed a litle fat. However, my arms seem to need a little more work but the rest of me needs to trim down. Can I do TBT MON-WED-FRI and then work my arms and shoulders on TUES and SAT to really hit them and try to keep the size I have gained while I try and lose some fat?

If you structure your TBT right, you should get plenty of arm/shoulder stimulation. If the program is set up right your hitting each body part 3x per week. If you feel like arms are lagging just make your 2 single joint exercises each day devoted to bis/tris. The 4 compounds can take care of back/chest/legs ie

c-front squats
c-decline DB press
c-BB rows
c-standing military press
sj-ez bar curls

if each day is set up something similar everything gets destroyed. If I tried to throw in extra work in between days on TBT id be using 10 lb dumbells in no time, but maybe thats just me. just a suggestion…

Frank Castle’s right. My arms started growing during TBT with just 2 of the 3 days having arm work. Do it right, change moves each day of the 3x/week, eat a lot. You’ll see progress.