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TBT and Weight Loss

Hi all,
I have decided to take up the TBT workout and for me my main goal is to cut from 90 kilos now (about 180 pound I believe) down to about 85 and maintain that. I am a 41 year old male, 5 feet 11.

I recently lost about 5 kilos by working out,eating often and clean and I now zig zag my caloritic intake.
So my question is…Will the TBT 8 week workout be right for me with cutting as my main objective?

Thank you all for your help on this.

Obviously, your diet is the number one factor in weight loss, but I think TBT is fine.

You might also want to look at 10x3 For Fat Loss, also by Waterbury.

Good luck with your goals.

It isn’t as simple as TBT vs. some other regimen. You have to think about the interaction of your training and your nutrition. When you’re in calorie restriction, it is very difficult to recover from any workout that maximizes muscle damage. Muscle damage is good for hypertrophy, but in a cutting phase it’s more about hanging on to what you’ve got.

You want to work your muscles hard but not cross the line into the sort of real damage you want in a hypertrophy phase. Plenty of BCAAs pre-during-and post workout should help with retaining muscle.

As tmoney1 suggests, I get best results with higher rep training in a cutting phase.

90kg is 198lb.The ratio is 2.2.As for your ?,happy laid it out pretty well.Best of luck to you