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TBT And Warm Ups

Lovin the Tbt, but my question is:

On the heavy days, how should i go about warm ups, esp for lifts like bench, squat, dead? Should every set be hard, or is it still effective to use each of the 3 or 4 sets to build up until the last set being near failure?

Will I still be getting the right volume if the first one or two arent as heavy or should i immediately jump into heavy weights since it is only two weeks the another two weeks befor goin light.

I pretty much have been going fairly heavy on the first set then moving up or going completely heavy from the get go. The only reason i even question not warming up (as I usually would) is beacause it is usually only one exercise for that muscle group and i want to get everything out of it.

Thanks for any responses. wow, that was longer than i wanted.