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TBT And My Lower Back?

When I do quad work followed by hamstrings my lower back gets TIGHT! Tonight I performed the squat/sumo dl superset and by the 3rd set I could barley move.
I’ve had similar feeling before when doing gvt 200 leg day but I was also on a good dose of d-bol/test/eq. Right now I’m on a very low dose of var 15-20 mgs a day, cee, Methoxy-7, and Power Drive.
What can I do to prevent this? Longer rest periods? It was really bad, like it took me 5-10 minutes just to take the 45’s off the bar and I had to kneel down to strip it off the dl bar. Not that I care but people where looking at me like they knew I was hurting.

I have the same problem, I get a real painful pump in my lower back. I found that a set of sit-ups between the squatsets relieves the pump/cramp in the lower back!

I have the same problem sometimes. Something that I have done that has helped is doing a set of hanging knee-ups in between sets of DLs.

Here is my non-expert opinion. Lets think about the function of these muscles. Anteriorly tilt (arch lumbar spine) the pelvis and you will get slight hip flexion. Posteriorly tilt (round lumbar spine)you will get slight hip extension. Doing 2 lifts (squats and sumo DL) with an anteriorly tilted pelvis is going to make your back tight because your psoas major (hip flexor) originates on parts of T12, L1-L5. The reason you feel better, in my opinion, from doing sit-ups or hanging pikes is because you most likely round your lumbar spine taking stress off the hip flexors. If your back were kept neutral or arched like it should be during these exercises your back and hip flexors will not feel better. Now I have never seen you do sit ups or pikes so obviously I cant be sure but I have to side with the function of anatomy on this one. When I fry my back I like to lie down on the floor with my knees bent and feet on the floor and push my lumbar spine into the floor and hold it for a few seconds. I also like to lie on the floor with my knees in the air at 90 degrees and statically hold my lumbar spine against the floor, which activates the TVA, and then extend one leg at a time. Lumbar spine pushed against the floor the whole time. Thats the way I see your problem. Good luck.

I should have mentioned also that there could be many other things causing your problem. That was just one idea I had thought of. Maybe it could help maybe not but look into it.

I have had the same problem in the past when I tried supersetting leg presses or squats with romanian deadlifts for 10x10. It doesn’t work too well because of all the stress the lower back takes from both exercises. I ended up just supersetting squats and leg curls.

Good advice soo far, thanks.

I have also find tbt hard on my lower back. Make sure you recover as well as possible between workouts with contrasting showers. I also try to supplement with fish oils to reduce inflammation. Also, make sure you do abdominal work to balance the back work from tbt. Finally, make sure you do flexibility work for your hip flexors which may get tight from your workpouts and contribute to back pain. Hope this helps

I also get a real tight lower back from that sort of a superset, to the point where I don’t find it productive and do another superset instead. I also get a very tight and painful lower back from sprinting (ie. rugby practice) My theory is anterior pelvic tilt (lordosis). I am about to start neanderthal no more to address the problem. Does this seem right, is there any one else who has a chronically tight lower back?

i also have this problem, but i dont seem to have very bad lordosis, by the standard “stand against the wall test.”

i had a walking cast on a few years ago and it screwed up my sacro-illiac joint. i went to physical therapy for it and they give me exercises which seem to help a little…but not much.

i can do sprints all day. but distance running and romanian/stiff-leg dl’s just kill my lower back. my hammy’s are pretty flexible.

Neanderthal no more seems like a good idea, i think i’ll start that too.

I think anterior pelvic tilt is and has been my problem. Recently i have started more stretching espeially the hip flexors and external rotators. I currently do some exercises from the neanderthal no more problem in addition to my stretches. Has anybody else experienced any groin problems or tight groins from anterior pelvic tilt and poor hip flexor flexibility?