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TBT and Anaerobic


I just began TBT.

Would adding three anaerobic sessions per week on non-lifting days significantly decrease strength/hypertrophy gains?

I will do anaerobic work in the model Cosgrove discusses on his site, i.e. a 5 minute slow warm up, then three rounds of one minute 90-100% intensity, then two minutes 60-70% intensity, then a 5 minute cool-down.

My goals are to build a base of muscle and lose some fat. Ultimate purposes are athletic and general health, but I realize a base of muscle is important.

I’m 6’2", 225, deadlift 5RM is 175.

Thanks for any help.

Odds are, interval training won’t hurt your muscle-gains at all. In fact, if you really push the intensity, they can help. Short, fast sprinting can actually be good for explosive strength development.

Training to run marathons on the other hand, will stimulate slow-twitch fiber growth, which will stunt strength and power gains.