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TBT 8 Week Plan

height: 5’10"

so ive been following this for a month now as closely as i can

i checked my earlier posts and one on 7-20-08 i mentioned my weight on the post and i said 147, now when is step on the scale its 156
i dont get it i dont know if ive been stepping on while i have a lot of water weight or after i just ate but it doesnt seem too good to be at 156 when a littler over a month ago i was 147
i noticed i eat a lot of carbs, that might be a problem

it just doesnt make sense to me that some of these pounds can be fat if im hitting the gym 3 times a week and staying active
i see people on here that are bigger and more defined who weigh less, and are around the same height

I wouldn’t worry too much about it. If you do want to track your weight, do so by doing it on the same day before eating/drink anything but after a bathroom trip.

You’re 16 and growing. Keep lifting heavy and eating a lot.

Are you eating more calories in order to gain? Then you’ll most likely gain some muscle and some fat.

How you look overall will be a byproduct of your training, nutrition and genetics.

Don’t compare yourself to others, just keep training, growing, learning and improving!

Your 156 pounds and worried about fat gain while in puberty.

I’m pretty sure you can tell where this is going.