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TBT 4-5 days/week?


For those total body guys out there - does anyone regularly perform TBT more than every other day? or does it inhibit growth and put too much strain on your joints?


It can be done 4-5 times a week, however, I wouldn't do it for too long. Think of it like a period of blasting your muscles, but doing it for a long period of time is pretty intense, let alone kinda insane.

I did that before for about 2 months and then I ended up with shoulder and elbow problems that made me take a little more than a week off from weightlifting. If you're going to do total-body workouts, then like I said, 4-5x a week is fine for a short period of time, after which I'd scale it back down to 3x a week to prevent an over use injury.


forlife does, I believe. You could pm him.