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TBT 2 In 2 Days


A quick question.

Because of my schedule I had to skip my normal workout last night and I won't be able to go tonight. Soooo, I was thinking about training both on Saturday and on Sunday this weekend to "catch up". Is there any reason I shouldn't do this? Would it just be "over training" and have no benifit?

BTW I'm doing CW's TBT.

Thanks in advance.


I've read somewhere in the article of Chad's, "TBT" that someone asked a quesiton very similar to this.
His response was that its okay if you training on back to back days as long as you get plenty of rest in between those two days and the next training day.

I've completed his TBT and I had a situation like that, and i went ahead and did an evening workout and then a morning. Felt good both days. Good luck


Thanks for the advice. I'll most probably go for it.