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I have been looking into this for a while now, and I have been doing a lot of research. I wanted to see what everyone thought.
Current: 195lbs, 5’10 9-11% bodyfat. Good Nutrition Program, (although its been mostly calorie restricted for about 6 weeks) (45%carbs, 35% protein, 20%fat, 2600 cal) will be 4000 for cycle.

Goals: Gain 8-10 lbs muscl plus strength, Try and keep the fat gain minimal. Also trying to avoid getting to big too fast, and bloat.

Weeks 1-10 Test Cypionate 400mg (200mg mon, 200mg Thurs)
Weeks 4-10 Oral Tbol 15mg 3x ed (45mg everyday)
Weeks 2-10 adex (precautionary, and for h20 retention)
weeks 6-10 HCG (to maintain testicular size and production)
weeks 11-14 40/40/20/20

I am debating whether or not to increase the amount of time for the HCG, both for aesthetics and to ensure their ability to produce enough testosterone at the end of the cycle. The thought process being if they have been pumping out lots of test, then when I start the Nolva, while I will still have suppression, their ability to increase natural test faster will still be there.

The adex will be more for precaution, and to limit water retention. Why even risk estrogenic sides.
I really just want to get some feedback, some tweaks, even criticism etc. Although I don’t have it yet, all of this is available to me, pretty much as much as I want at a relatively cheap price.

Begin your PCT one week later