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Tbol/Test E Cycle

Hello i am running test e tbol cycle for a lean gains its my second cycle i am
25 years old
84 kg (185 pounds)
Cycle is 10 weeks test e500 (250 2times a week)
7 weeks tbol 60 mg everyday
The gear is good and legit i cant tell from the insane strength increase and insane endurance… anw am not gaining weight i mean i gained 5 kg in the first few weeks but thats it i am in week 5 and i keep getting leaner now even though am eating 4300 kcal a day how is this possible !!! Carbs and protein are extremely high though


How’s your training?

You put on 11lbs quickly, glycogen, but you’re not going to put on 3lbs of muscle every week while on cycle.

It sounds like you’re also dropping fat and getting leaner… so if the scale is staying still, while you’re leaning out, then you are gaining some muscle.

And… is there a legit question?

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My question is is it even possible to gain muscle and shed fat the same time
My bodyfat is like 8% now

And should i add more calories i mean 4300 cal is really high for my weight

let’s see some pics. how tall are you?


Gotta make sure yur bathroom is decent tho we have high standards on bathroom selfies here…

Yes u can gainmuscle & shed fat

Yur pretty young to be messing with juice but its yur body & yur a grown up… Tbol 7 weeks seems tuff…i barely got threw 2 weeks & im no newb…headaches was fierce…but yea strength was fuego


Yes. I lost 7lbs of fat and gained 3 pounds of muscle in 4-5 months I think it was (dexa scan before and after). Basically eating at maintenance. Kept eating and lifting and made sure the scale was staying the same. I’m a beginner though so that probably made it easier.

Yeah mate but am not at maintenance am 1000 kcal up my maintenance

I am 184 cm tall

I had headaches for the firat few days but thats it never had them again

Because steroids are really, really effective when used in conjunction with proper training and diet. That’s literally why people use them. The results you’re seeing are the reason there’s a massive underground market for them. They work if you do everything right.

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So to get more results i should up my calories ?

On my first cycle i did test e only the gains were fast i always added 700 kcal over maintenance there was some water gains but i mean i didn’t have the problem i have now am eating 1000 calories above maintenance but my weight is not increasing instead i am shedding fat last time i checked my bf% was 8.7%

eat more then

you might, take someone who has never lifted a weight in their life, put them on 500mg test + dbol/tbol and such gains are certainly feasible. 3lbs is only roughly 6x natural limit for gaining muscle mass…

Being difficult here, but stating that theoretically it is POSSIBLE, just unlikely. 1-2lb/wk is more in the ballpark of realism

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IMO drop the Tbol & bump the test then… or mid way threw cycle throw a small dose of something different at NOT Tren… This is yur 2nd cycle so you dont need a crazy stack… Personally I dont like Orals everything but Var so far has a shitty side…Going up to 750 test and dropping the TBOL would be my go to… I thought Tbol was a bulker but the more ive read about it the more I see it used like a cutter.

Tell me about it i swear am eating like 4500 kcal a day and i keep getting leaner

Also i experienced 0 sides with tbol only some headaches at first fews days