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Tbol PCT


What is the protocol if im running 60mg a day for 6 weeks, i need the pct , thanks


standard pct.

what other choice is there? youre not using testosterone so obviously you cant use the stasis/taper method. Doesnt leave many options I dont think.


thanks for the reply but excuse my ignorance iam not really aware that there is a "STANDARD" PCT protocol, so after 6 weeks what is the program , im assuming nolva and clomid in some combination but is HCG needed , thanks and i am sorry for the ignorance.


Sorry, when I referred to standard PCT I assumed that you read the stickied threads that everyone should read before posting for the off chance that the question is already answered there.

No hCG is not needed.


test taper is overrated hasn't shown at all to be more effective then simple serm pct

so yeah simple serm pct