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Tbol & PCT (Please Read)

Hey guys,

I have some questions and I know the Tbol and pct questions have been done MANY times on the forum, but I have a little twist and need some input. I’m mid 30’s, 6’2’’, 200 lbs, hard gainer, have run cycles in the past, and have done a tbol only cycle that I was happy with.

The doctor put me on 25mg clomiphene every day, about 1.5 years ago for low T, and my numbers have been great since.

Due to my work situation, I am doing a Tbol only cycle, and I know that this usually doesn’t go over well in the forums, but like I said, I don’t want to and can’t do a cycle that is going to bring attention my way and highly prefer slow yet quality gains that are easier to keep. I would be very happy with a 5 lb quality gain after it was all said and done.

Due to me already taking the clomiphene…how should I run this? Should I stop taking it while on cycle and jump back on when I’m done? Should I take anything else during or after?

Any input would be great, I really appreciate it!

This is actually an interesting question. Clomid monotherapy won’t offset the tbol. But the monotherapy works well enough for a lot of guys in the absence of exogenous testosterone or in your case garden variety low testosterone. My hunch is that you’d discontinue the Clomid while on the tbol and then resume normal therapy afterward. But I don’t have any hard data to back that up. You should tag in @physioLojik and see what he has to say. Or I guess I just did that.

Going off physiolojik’s comments on use of Nolva during cycle and PCT rather than an AI, I would think clomid (another serm although different in some aspects) would be a welcome addition to your cycle. Or at least no real reason to discontinue use, but then he knows way more about that than I do.

EDIT: that was supposed to say cycle and TRT, not sure how I put PCT.

Awesome, thanks for the input guys, I definitely appreciate it!
Would love to hear what @physioLojik has to say about this!