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Tbol or Dbol

Been offered both now
27 years old
13 t 15 % bf
77.5 kilo
5 9
Looking to get back up to 83 kilo or so
I was out wit broken arm for few months and my strength has dropped a lot
hard to get motivated
I just want a boost in size and strength
from my research t bol is great since it does not change over to estrogen and no bloat
dbol I will grow quicker but more water
I will b running 40 mg ed first week and 50mg week 2 til 6
I cant bring in injectables 2 this cycle
I did test e 250 last year at 500 mg
was working great but on week 4 got a headache that lasted months
I just want 2 get back as strong as I was and as big as I was
do u think I could get up 2 83 plus in 6 weeks and wat do u think would b best
dbol or tbol