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Tbol Only Cycle

Hi All,

I am 25 5,7 175 pounds BF 13%. I have been training since 16 but only the last 2 years properly i.e Diet track Cals and Macros plus train 4 times a week consistently.

I know I’m going to get grilled for doing a Oral only cycle. But is it really that bad ?? I understand if someone is at there genetic potential and wants to go way beyond then Oral Only is not worth shutting you down for or gym newbies who take Oral only’s then lose everything after PCT because they don’t know how to Diet and Train properly.

I was looking to gain only a few pounds of LBM while pushing my bench and DL a little up,

I was thinking

1-6 weeks Tbol 60mg ED

Then 7-10 Clomid 50/50/50/50

What Do you’s think ?

In my experience: You will lose everything you gain within 1 year. Your size and strength will go up temporarily, and rebound when you stop taking them. You will have systemic stress from the oral’s liver toxicity, which, among other things, may make you feel lethargic.

Sorry to break it to you, but if orals-only worked: everybody would do them. Note the clear lack of oral-only logs that show actual results. Anabolic m’s is full of guys who swear by PH and oral-only cycles, and say things like:

(posted in late March!)

I did a couple tbol only cycles a few years ago (mid- to late-30s at the time) and had no issues coming off. Tbol is a pretty mild oral as far as that goes, but everyone is different and there is always the possibility you may see some sides that I (or someone else) did not.

That being said, I gained a few lbs each time (around 10 I believe) and saw an increase in strength. I had to keep my dose at 40mg/day, because even at that low of a dose I would get back pumps in 4-5 weeks. After coming off, I had no issues with libido or anything that I noticed, lost some of the strength I gained each time, but both times it leveled out above where I was pre-cycle, same thing with weight. Tbol is my go-to oral, I’m planning on getting some more here soon. Nice little boost.